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The Land of the Inkas : Culture, Tradition, Adventure

Peru offers you the opportunity to awaken dreams pending, connecting with oneself and into its history. Browse the current and modern Peru to meet its varied cuisine, entertainment and art. You can also discover stunning scenery and places to experience a time of pleasure and tranquility. Explore flora and fauna with its many natural resources. We invite you to travel and discover the Peru that do not already know.

Modern and Cosmopolitan, Peru offers a variety of entertainment, art, design, music and one of the most prestigious and delicious cuisines in the world. Peru is one of the world’s 10 megadiverse countries. It contains countless natural wonders with hundreds of endemic plant and animal species.

Lima – Beaches and gastronomy that trap all tourists with a building that blends traditional and impeccably modern. Cusco – Everything you need to know to plan your next trip to Machu Picchu. Madre De Dios – The city of Puerto Maldonado offers the opportunity to explore the jungle, rivers meet and taste the delicious local dishes. Ica – The Nazca Lines in Ica are mysterious figures in the desert; the legacy of an ancient culture that everyone should see and enjoy.

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