MATTA Fair 2016 – Where Dreams Are Realised

MATTA Fair 2016 – Where Dreams Are Realised


It’s happening again. Amazing bargains and deals in domestic and international travel and tours are set to make a huge impact on travellers come March 11th to 13th at the Putra World Trade  Centre in Kuala Lumpur. This three day travel fair has been gaining popularity among discerning local and also foreign travellers over the years.


MATTA_LOGO_PWTC_270815_TMINAJJUA_07Organised by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents, the MATTA Fair 2016 is set to become the best yet and consumers can expect to find tempting and lucrative promotional packages. Many analysts predict a surge in foreign consumers looking for domestic packages due to the weakened Ringgit.

Apart from the main Matta Fair 2016 which happens twice a year, once in March and the other in Septemberr, selected states in Malaysia will also be hosting their own smaller scale Matta Fairs which is held throughout the year.


IMG_2646While conventional Free Independent Travelers or FITs usually wait for the travel bargains, other players have also joined in the bandwagon in the last couple of years taking advantage of the popularity of these fairs. There is also the MITM Travel Fair 2016, AirAsia Travel Fair 2016 and Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2016 which cater to massive savings and deals as well. In total, there are four main travel fairs in Malaysia for consumers.

With that, consumers now have many options to travel, so if you miss one fair, there will always be another. But again, the mother of all travel fairs is still the Matta Fair where over 1000 booths are occupied by travel agents, companies, airlines, tourism boards and over a hundred thousand people visit the fair, meaning the vendors can give much better discounts and promotions due to the mass volume of consumers.

The Matta Fair 2016 will also see more participation from local and foreign tourism boards going all out to promote their state or country. Tourism Malaysia always makes the biggest headline with an extremely huge area in the domestic hall with over 100 booths offering local domestic travel packages.


The last Matta Fair 2015 also saw over 100,000 visitors attending the three day event here in Kuala Lumpur and for this year, the target will still remain around the same numbers until more information is provided.

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