Canada is the world’s second-largest country, stretching across six time zones from Newfoundland to the Pacific seaboard. The most populous areas centre around the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River lowlands, meaning there’s plenty of room left for its endless skies, untouched landscapes, mammoth mountains and sweeping plains – all teeming with wildlife and rich in cultural tradition.

Victoria, on Vancouver Island is a city of gardens, impressive buildings (Victorian, naturally) and closely in touch with its colonial heritage. A short hop across the Strait of Georgia brings you vibrant Vancouver, nestled on its magnificent harbour, blessed with great vistas, museums and galleries plus fine dining, and a coffee shop at every corner. Heading into the pristine wilderness of the mountains you’ll encounter glaciers, thick forests, majestic peaks and cobalt blue lakes, home to abundant wildlife like bears, beaver and moose. Then the sharp rises of the Rockies, give way to the endless flat plains, affording uninterrupted skies and stony riverbeds that glisten crystal clear in the sunshine.

Cosmopolitan Toronto is a city with a rich multicultural heritage known for its soaring futuristic architecture, and summer cultural festivals along the harbour front. In contrast, the fortified 400-year-old Quebec City is reminiscent of Paris: cobbled streets, pavement artists, brassieres busy with diners and window boxes billowing with flowers. Follow the river to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and you’ll discover the charms of Prince Edward Island and the unrivalled natural beauty of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail.

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